Fiscales Laskenta

Fiscales Laskenta
Audit and other assurance services

Erja Valtare, APA Auditor
Kirsi Patrikainen, Authorised Auditor
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Statutory audits
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An essential purpose of an audit is to ensure that the financial statements and other financial information give a true and fair view of the activities of the entity. In an audit, we review the entity’s administration, internal control and the functionality of its internal monitoring system, and we assess the risks related to its activities.

Nexia’s strength is that APA Auditors participate in the entire auditing process. We assess the client’s business activities case by case and familiarise ourselves with them extensively. We bring added value to the client.

We are part of Nexia International, a worldwide network of independent auditors, business advisors and consultants.

We are pleased to offer our services to all kinds of entities, and we welcome new clients. Our clients include companies of all sizes and also public interest entities, associations, foundations and housing companies.